Kiva Dreaming Lodge Ceremony
17 - 19 December 2021 in Denmark
Come join us in our annual High Ceremony of the Kiva Winter Time


Dear Medicine Friends

A few months ago - when summer was at its highest peak - we had a strong and powerful Sundance Ceremony in the forest – celebrating Life and its infinite beauty and magic. Soon winter will be coming with shorter days, longer nights, colder temperatures and storms with snow and rain. Life will slow down and Mother Nature shifts her energy more inwards as the light of the sun gets dimmer.

Our ancestors knew and honored the energy of Winter and withdrew from much outside activity. They slowed down, turned their awareness inwards and became quiet. Although it is a challenge in modern life, we can learn from them by allowing ourselves to take time to halt and use the energy of the deep winter darkness to listen deeper to ourselves and to Life.

The darkness holds a lot of unreleased potential which we unlock when we surrender to the cave of introspection. From the space of letting go and letting be we can open to the dream of what will emerge in the next cycle. Not only for ourselves but also collectively for Humanity and our beautiful blue Planet, who needs her children to dream big in this time.

In the Kiva Dreaming Ceremony, we offer you this opportunity to re-align with yourself, with nature and with the energy of Winter by allowing the darkness to help you become quiet. This is an opportunity to befriend the darkness – to give yourself the gift of becoming still - so you can review and learn from the recent cycle and listen to your dreams for the coming one. The knowing and the dreams are inside - just waiting to be awakened!

Practical information:

The ceremony is held by
WhiteBear, MoonRaven, StarWalker & RedHeartCoyote.

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If you have questions, please feel free to contact RedHeartCoyote:, MoonRaven:, WhiteBear:, or StarWalker:

Open for all
The ceremony is open to everybody who feels called no matter of prior experience and training. The ceremony will be in English if needed.

Please arrive at 17:00 on Friday and you can expect to depart around 14:00 on Sunday.

Ceremony fee DKK1650,- / €222,- + accommodation in double room. There will be 2 options for accommodation.

  1. Bring your own sheets and towel: DKK1000,- / €135,-
  2. Include sheets and towel: DKK1200,- / €162,-
Both options include full board. There are a few single rooms for an additional cost of DKK 200,- / €27,-.

To ensure your space in the ceremony, you will need to pay the ceremonial fee of DKK 1650,- / €222,-. After you sign up, you'll receive the information for wiring this amount.
The accommodation fee is due upon your arrival and will be paid to the venue which accepts both credit cards and cash.

If life changes and you need to cancel, the ceremony fee is refundable up to two weeks before the ceremony (December 3rd, 2021) less an administration cost DKK 300,- / €45,-. Thereafter there is no refund.

The venue Villa Fjordhøj is an old mansion which is now a popular modernised venue for spa guests and trainings. It's large garden sits on the shore of Skælskør Fjord and holds a medicine wheel which has held many ceremonies for 20 years.

Villa Fjordhøj has a few single rooms available. Single rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Please write to MoonRaven ( if you want to book a singleroom.

Good to know
We are going to be outdoors most of the time no matter the weather conditions, and also sometimes during the night. Thus warm and water proof clothing will be needed.

The address
Villa Fjordhøj
Rådmandsvej 23B
DK4230 Skælskør
Phone: +45 5819 1451

We look forward to dream together again

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